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The Dangers Of Bleaching Your Hair

In the summer, the bleached hair look appeals more to women. The growing trend has attracted even celebrities like Idina Menzel, Khloé Kardashian and Beyoncé Knowles. While bleached hair may highlight your sun-kissed skin and your all-white outfits, hair specialist Robert Dorin of True & Dorin Medical Group suggests that there are many drawbacks to shifting to a lighter shade.

For an overview, in order to bleach the hair, the product should be able to raise the hair’s outer cuticle, allowing the strands to break away from all smoothness. Dorin says that when hair becomes dry and frayed, the bleach will stick on the hair more, resulting in a bird’s nest type of effect.

Dorin also notes that it is impossible to make the hair lighter without any bleaching or oxidizing product, so no matter the case, your hair will welcome some form of damaging effects.

Furthermore, the amount of damage bleach can cause all depends on the change in your hair color. This means that say, if you are brunette or on the darker side, making the hair lighter will certainly engender severe damage since the bleaching agent used is commonly strong. During this period, your hair will have to sit for quite some time. Light hair, on the other hand, will experience less damage when it goes lighter.

When hair is bleached, environmental factors like UV rays will intensify the damage. The said elements will heighten the dryness by continually removing hair of its natural moisture and nourishment. Dorin also states that our hair bears a great resemblance to a sponge – whatever chemicals will be put into it will be absorbed instantly; thus, letting the hair dry out.

For those who want to fight back against bleach-damaged hair, it is necessary to restore moisture and limit heat styling. You can also use sulfate-free products and deep conditioners to help combat the degradation of the overall smoothness and color itself.

There are products like glazes and hair toners that are also safe alternatives to dyeing the hair if you prepare to do it by yourself in the comfort of your home.

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