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The Dangers To Look Out For In Alcohol Withdrawal

Many individuals suffer from alcohol withdrawal, a horrid set of symptoms that are confronted after quitting drinking. There are also those who drink too much now and then while some indulge in a towering amount most of the time.

Although wanting to stop drinking for good can be a great idea, one should consider the possible experiences that come with quitting the habit immediately. Depending on how much one has been drinking for a certain period, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be damaging to the point of it becoming life-threatening, so it is important to consult with a doctor for advice.

If one has been excessively enjoying drinks for a while, whether it has turned into a regular pattern, binges or straight addiction, there are various things to expect during the stages of withdrawal.

The initial hangover is expressed differently as it can change in time and intensity. It can even last for hours. However, it is a common scenario for a person to start feeling better within the remaining moments of the day. In contrast, alcohol withdrawal worsens over the first couple of hours and days after quitting that lasts to a few weeks. On this note, some drinkers immediately undergo post-acute withdrawal syndrome.

So, what are the expected symptoms? First of all, there will be alcohol cravings. The strong desire to drink is common among individuals moving away from many addictive substances. The longing is partly controlled by the wish to lessen the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and the desire to re-experience the familiar pleasure of intoxication.

There will also be mood changes and sleep problems. It is expected for a person to experience a rebound effect, as it is part of the body’s way of retaining homeostasis, but this can be a dangerous thing since negative feelings like anxiety, frustration and grief may visit the individual daily. Additionally, alcohol withdrawal can cause tiredness that can result in insomnia.

There will also be moments of nausea or vomiting, physical agitation that is exacerbated by an upsurge in heart rate and sweating, as well as hallucinations and seizures.

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