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Colorado Grocery Stores With Reported Coronavirus Outbreaks Revealed

COVID-19 numbers over in Colorado continue to rise following the release of the latest data by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Nursing homes and correctional facilities are known epicenters where the virus may originate in the region but it appears that grocery stores are now returning numbers of employees testing positive for the coronavirus.

According to 9News, there are 129 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among grocery store employees. The 23 of them are probable and four have already died. The two deaths reportedly come from Capitol Hill King Soopers. The other two allegedly come from Walmart Aurora. Below are the grocery stores together with the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases:

  • Carniceria Leonela (4)
  • Carniceria Sonara (7)
  • City Market (14)
  • Costco Wholesale (7)
  • H Mart Westminster (9)
  • King Soopers #19 (3)
  • King Soopers #25 (4)
  • King Soopers #29 (13)
  • King Soopers #78 (4)
  • King Soopers (no store number, somewhere in Adams County) (9)
  • Mi Puebla Market - Thornton (20)
  • Mi Puebla Market - Aurora (6)
  • Safeway (4)
  • Walmart Aurora (16)
  • Walmart Colorado Springs (4)
  • Food King (10)

From the list, only Carniceria Leonela, H Mart Westminster, King Soopers #19 and Food King have recorded additional and new cases of the coronavirus.

Aside from groceries, the latest numbers from nursing homes and jails were also revealed. There were 3,855 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 651 deaths reported at nursing homes among residents, staff and attendees in Colorado. The numbers are a spike from the previously reported 40 deaths last week.

In jails and correctional facilities, two areas returned the worst outbreaks in numbers of confirmed cases. Sterling Correctional Facility had 560 confirmed cases while the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center in Denver had 171. Three inmates at Sterling Correctional Facility have died from COVID-19 with 29 staff members testing positive. Three staff members died at the facility.

"Our outbreak data is meant to detect and measure spread inside a facility that has an outbreak," CDPHE spokesperson Ian Dickson said. "These updated numbers reflect COVID-19 transmission within the facility. The facility continues to isolate and treat inmates who are identified to have COVID-19 on booking, though they are no longer included in the outbreak data."

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