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Diabetes Diet: Perfect Dish For Regulating Blood Sugar

Aside from constant, proper exercise, dieting is one of the most famous ways to get healthy, and there’s a reason why. What we eat and put in our bodies will ultimately determine how our health would turn out, regardless of what we do outside of it. That means all the pushups and crunches in the world are useless if we continue eating junk food. And all the time we spend on cardio everyday will be for nothing if we don’t address what our body needs to support these actions, most of which are taxing.

Dieting is one of the best ways to navigate your health into the right direction. As such, people who are experiencing some type of condition are given a diet plan that will fit that condition and help them push past it. In this case, diabetic people are given a diabetes-based diet plan that can help them combat the disease.

Diabetes is a condition that happens when our body fails to produce enough insulin, resulting in our blood sugar levels rapidly rising, something that would negatively affect us as time goes by. Because of the high blood sugar levels, diabetic people are often told to eat foods with low sugar amounts as well as low carbohydrates, sodium and calories.

One such example of a food are beans. Here are some of its health benefits:

  1. Beans are filled with soluble fibers that previous studies have shown to be effective in reducing overall insulin resistance in our bodies
  2. Beans are low in cholesterol, trans-fat and saturated fats but are high in minerals and vitamins, such as magnesium, proteins, calcium, iron and even a healthy amount of folate
  3. Beans contain complex carbohydrates that can help reduce the risk of our blood sugar suddenly rising
  4. While beans contain no sodium content, they have a lot of potassium that is an important component of a diabetes diet

For a healthy meal, opt for a simple salad and add some mixed beans at the top, along with some spring onions, tomatoes, and some lemon juice. This heathy treat can be a delicious, perfect mid-day or dinner meal for diabetics.

beans There may be a new opportunity for the thousands currently waiting for kidney donations. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay