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Diet Tips For Moms: 6 Surefire Ways To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Pregnant moms are required to eat for two people in order for them to properly sustain their young. After giving birth, some lose the extra weight through breastfeeding. Others retain their eating habits making it harder for them to lose the extra pounds. Here are seven diet tips for moms who are eager to lose weight after pregnancy.

Eat Less

Ivy from Temecula, California told that she lost 40 pounds by eating frozen yogurts instead of ice cream. It helped lessen her food intake since frozen yogurt takes longer to consume. Plus, the yogurt she consumed had portions significantly smaller than ice cream.

Avoid Bad Habits

Another mom who shared her diet tip with is Kerri from Queens, New York. She said that she lost 12 pounds in eight months by avoiding excess consumption of junk food. She used to be a “chronic snacker” who ate a pack of chips regularly. She then decided to only eat small portions of the same snack to prevent weight gain, and this worked out for the best.

Always Eat Breakfast

Christine from Providence, Rhode Island also shared her secret to losing 24 pounds in four months. According to her, following an an eat-at-home routine worked like a charm. The plan allowed her to avoid eating sugary treats at the office without feeling famished in the morning.

Christine’s secret actually works for everyone since breakfast gives us sufficient energy to start the day right. Missing this important meal makes the body feel stressed and weak for the rest of the day. For moms, it would be more difficult for them to lose weight after pregnancy if they skip breakfast because doing so will increase their stress levels, which affect metabolism rate.

Eat Weight Loss Food

Yogurt is low in fat and cholesterol and contains probiotics that improve the digestive system. Eating this weight loss food allows your body to break down food faster without consuming more, according to MSN.

Follow A Weight Loss Plan

As per Medline Plus, following a healthy diet with daily exercise helps you lose weight fast. Eating five to six small meals a day with healthy snacks in between regulates your metabolism and promotes weight loss. You also need to take your time while eating so you feel full faster.

Women who are breastfeeding need 500 more calories per day more than before they got pregnant. Consuming food that contains saturated fat and sugar may help you gain these calories, but they adversely affect your body. Thus, limit your calorie intake and only choose healthy choices like whole grains, vegetables, low-fat dairy, fruits and lean protein.

Regulate Food Intake

Losing weight fast while breastfeeding is not advisable. This reduces your body’s ability to produce sufficient milk needed by your newborn. You should only limit your weight loss to 670g per week or a pound and a half. But for those who are eager to shed some pounds, regulating food intake is the best diet tip to follow.