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Do Saunas Really Help You Lose Weight?

To those wanting to have a good sweat, saunas can be the best place. However, it may not be the perfect one for people who think a combination of hot temperatures and lost fluid could lead to weight loss. 

Many people believe that spending 15 to 30 minutes in a sauna, at temperatures reaching as high as 195 degrees Fahrenheit, could help shed some pounds. Because many exercise tips floating online suggest that when you break a sweat, your body is also losing fats. 

But for fitness experts, sauna can do little to help you in weight loss. Sweating while sitting in a room for a few minutes only cuts water weight, according to Healthline.

That means you only lose water from your body and not burn fats. In saunas, you do not burn good amounts of calories and you are not building muscles. 

In addition, it is easy to regain lost water weight by simply drinking again. Advocates said that high temperatures in saunas can increase heart rate just like during physical exercise. 

That is true. However, that increase burns calories slightly higher than sitting at rest and far from strenuous physical activities. 

There are also myths about saunas that it could help burn 300 to 1,000 calories within 30 minutes. On a treadmill or a HIIT workout, losing 14 calories per minute is already considered to be extremely high and hard to sustain. 

So simply sitting and enjoying hot temperatures may not really help you burn hundreds up to a thousand cals. A healthy male of 185 pounds may only burn 63 to 84 calories in 30 minutes of sitting in saunas, according to Fitness Blender

Bad Effect Of Saunas

Experts warned that exposure to extreme heat could lead to dehydration. It happens when you lose more fluids than what you should maintain. 

It is important to drink enough water before, during and after a sauna session. That should help your replace fluids lost by sweating.

To those who really want to break a sweat and lose weight at the same time, there are other activities that have both effects. During exercise, like HIIT and strength training, your body increases metabolism, makes your muscles more active and increases your heart rate, which could help burn more calories.

sauna Saunas is well known and use all over Sweden where they are commonly known as "bastu." Pixabay