Doctors Puzzled Coronavirus Symptoms That Linger For Months

As per a new report, doctors “don’t understand” why some people who are formerly healthy suffer from coronavirus symptoms for weeks or months despite initially improving earlier.

Why Do Some Healthy People Suffer From COVID Symptoms For Months? Doctors Don’t Know

According to a news release by CBS, emergency care physician Dr. Ron Elfenbein said that even doctors “don’t understand” why there are people that are formerly healthy who are suffering from coronavirus symptoms that last not just for many weeks, but even months. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) even said that while most people with mild cases of COVID-19 recover in two weeks, there are people who refer to themselves as “long-haulers” due to the fact that their COVID-19 cases give them symptoms that last much longer than usual even after initially improving.

Recently, a Dutch study that was made looked at some 1,600 people who reported that they’re suffering from symptoms of the coronavirus. Based on the study, 91 percent of these people were never hospitalized and a vast majority of these people said that even nearly three months later of the initial onset of symptoms, they continue to suffer from health problems like shortness of breath or even fatigue. Interestingly enough, the average of the people that took this survey was 53.

"These people reported that they still had symptoms — shortness of breath, cough, headache, intermittent fevers, brain fog, trouble concentrating, chest pain, palpitations, things like that — that continued for months and months and months," Elfenbein told CBS during an interview. "The scary part about this is that when they looked at these people, 85 percent of them considered themselves healthy before this happened, and afterwards, only 6 percent reported they were healthy, so these are like everyday people that had no medical problems."

Per the group that did the research, almost half of the people in the study said that after they initially suffered from the symptoms, they could no longer properly exercise.

"We really don't understand the science behind this and we don't really understand the pathophysiology why this is continuing to go on," Elfenbein said.

As such, more research is needed to find out how to treat the ongoing symptoms.

Coronavirus & COVID-19 An artist's representation of the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease. Pixabay