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Drinking Cold Water: Good Or Bad For You?

In this day and age, science has managed to go so far and advance so much that it’s enabled itself to correct some misconceptions as well as pose new questions on the most mundane and simplest of things.

One of these things is the simple act of drinking water. Cold water, to be more specific. Because although it’s a fact as clear as day that drinking lots of water is important to keep us healthy, there have been debates whether drinking it cold can be bad for you, while some have asked what’s the best temperature to drink it in the first place.

Drinking water is important in such a way that it helps us support almost all of our bodily functions, from digestion to getting rid of waste and even maintaining our body temperatures, but Ayurvedic medicine reasons that drinking it cold causes an imbalance in our digestive process.

In fact, in Ayurvedic tradition, drinking cold water can dampen “the fire,” and so practitioners believe that warm water is best for digestion.

A small study and experiment made back in 2013 also investigated the effects of water at different temperatures in six people who exercised for a bit after being dehydrated. From this experiment, the researchers were then able to conclude that for people who needs rehydration, water at 16 degrees Celsius may be the best option.

There’s also some research that suggests drinking cold water can help improve your performance while you’re working out or exercising. Others even suggest that cold water helps you burn more calories, resulting to more weight loss.

While that sounds good, some research is suggesting that drinking cold water can be harmful if you have any conditions like achalasia, which makes swallowing difficult.

In the end, however, there’s simply not enough scientific evidence to suggest that drinking cold water can be harmful. In some cases, it can be, especially if you have a condition, but otherwise, its temperature still depends on the weather, with cold water being perfect for warmer weather and vice versa. What’s important is that we keep drinking it in order to stay hydrated.