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Drinking Hot Tea, Other Things That Reportedly Increase Cancer Risk

We won’t go over the bushes with this one, but cancer, no matter how deadly and life-threatening it can be, can be prevented. In fact, there’s research that supports the idea that given proper lifestyle changes, up to four out of 10 cases of it can be avoided.

So what are these lifestyle changes one needs to increase the risk of avoiding cancer? Of course, the obvious choices are refraining from drinking too much, not eating a lot of processed food and quitting smoking. But are there any other habits you might not know? Here are some of them, surprising as they may be.

Not being active

Are we really surprised that this is here? Leading a sedentary lifestyle is certainly unhealthy. And not breaking out a sweat on a daily basis via a simple exercise routine can easily increase your risk of developing cancer and other diseases.

Your height

Shocking as it may sound, but studies have found that taller people are more likely to develop cancer as they get older. This may be because taller people have more cells, which increases the possibility of some of them getting cancerous.

Being overweight

Directly connected to leading a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight can also increase your chance of developing cancer because it increases your levels of inflammation, which in turn contributes to cancer.

Sitting close to the grill

The next time you’re close to a grill, try sitting farther back since your skin may already be absorbing carcinogens that are being released through the charcoal and wood that’s being burned.

Eating grilled meat

Same principle with sitting too close to the grill since they may have carcinogens that can lead to the development of cancer in the future. So take it easy on the BBQ and steak.

Drinking hot tea

It may sound unbelievable since tea is known for its many health benefits but drinking hot tea can actually help develop cancer. Many experts believe that this is because the hot tea can wear away the lining of your throat. Add some tobacco and alcohol to the mix and you have yourself a future disaster. So let it warm for a bit.

Green tea Green tea provides good amounts of L-theanine, a water-soluble amino acid that helps promote relaxation and reduce levels of stress. Pixabay