Why You Should Drink Milk Before Hitting The Sack

Drinking milk before bedtime has become a habit in many households. For most, they do this because they believe that milk can improve their sleep quality.  Others do it to relieve anxiety and relax before falling asleep. However, there are many naysayers who claim that this practice is nothing more than folklore. So what’s the truth?

According to Healthline, milk really does help people fall asleep faster. Several studies have already proven that consuming dairy products like milk and cheese before bed leads to a more restful night’s sleep. Experts say that this is all thanks to certain compounds present in these dairy products.

Milk contains the hormone melatonin and the amino acid tryptophan. Both of which positively affect our mood, making it easier for us to enter the sleep cycle. Some studies also found that they reduce anxiety and depression symptoms that typically emerge at bedtime.

Per Colossal Sleep, tryptophan helps the human body release the chemical neurotransmitter serotonin that reduces anxiety and makes the body feel more relaxed. Meanwhile, melatonin helps regulate the circadian rhythm and signals the brain to enter a sleep state.

Some experts also claim that drinking milk before hitting the sack has psychological effects that help reinforce this habit. Since drinking milk before bedtime makes us feel calm, we are subconsciously being reminded to drink one at night so we could feel more comfortable and sleep peacefully.

Despite the positive effects of having a glass of milk in the evening, some people are still against this practice for certain reasons. One of them is the belief that doing so could lead to weight gain. After all, milk contains fat, proteins, and calories apart from its nutrients and minerals. Also, late-night snacking has been strongly linked to weight gain. reported that drinking milk before bedtime can disrupt digestion, affect metabolism, and possibly lead to undesirable weight gain. However, the publication is not discouraging the practice of drinking milk at night. Instead, it is encouraging everyone to drink milk at least two hours before going to bed to enjoy its benefits.

warm milk Just a cup of warm milk is all that is needed for a good night's sleep. SpencerWing / Pixabay

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