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E-Cigarettes Put Mom Of Three In Coma Due To Lung Illness

There is “a lot of guilt and shame” in a mother of three who suffered from a serious lung problem due to her vaping habit. The woman from Texas said the e-cigarettes nearly killed her and made her rely on a machine to breathe. 

Sherie Canada of Abilene City was placed on a medically induced coma in June after experiencing trouble breathing. Her condition was linked to long-term exposure to vape. 

She admitted to using e-cigarettes for the past three years. Canada said she became interested in trying vape amid the growing trend in the U.S. and because of the flavors. 

“You don’t think about it,” Canada told news station KWTX. “Everyone else is doing it.” 

However, she started to experience the negative effects of vaping in June. Canada suddenly lost weight and had difficulty breathing. 

She was rushed to the hospital and doctors found fluid and blood clots in her lungs. Six days after she was admitted, doctors put Canada on a medically induced coma because of her severe lung problem. 

“I was so scared but more than anything [I was] in so much pain,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “You have no idea of how precious [your lungs] are until they aren’t yours anymore and a machine is telling them to breath [sic] for you.”

Doctors confirmed that e-cigarettes contributed to her lung injury. Canada is now recovering and wants to inform the public on what the device can do to the body. 

The mom of three said she felt guilt and shame for suffering such preventable condition. Canada added she missed her two sons’ 13th and 15th birthday celebrations while in coma. 

She is one of the recently reported cases of people who developed serious lung problems due to e-cigarettes. Across the U.S., more than 450 people have been hospitalized and six people were left dead because of vaping-related illness.

New York recently announced a plan to ban flavored e-cigarettes, making it the second state to implement such policy after Michigan. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he would push new emergency regulations this week to quickly end the sale of the products. 

e-cigarette The federal government recorded more than 450 people have been hospitalized due to vape-related lung illness and six people died from the condition in the U.S. Pixabay