Ease Your Back Pain With This Simple Exercise

Back pain can be more of an inconvenience, can completely derail your day and ruin your productivity. Thankfully, there’s one easy-to-do move that can help ease the pain and get you back on your feet.

Ease Your Back Pain With This One Exercise Move

For all of us who went through it at some point because of various reasons, we all know that more often than not, back pain can be more than just an inconvenience and can easily stop you from being productive and leave you in bed all day. In fact, even though it often tends to resolve itself within a few weeks or months, it can keep coming back.

So how do you manage the pain?

Well, since it’s often not possible to identify the cause of back pain, the National Health Service (NHS) recommends that the best way to reduce the pain is to be active as much as possible since this will help speed up recovery while also making sure that you’re not sedentary for most of the day.

An easy-to-do move is to simply get up, stretch and go for a walk. It’s basically free, effortless and healthy. Of course, wearing comfortable trainers with adequate arch support can also vastly improve the experience for your back. And if you plan on taking a longer and more brisk walk, make sure that you bring some water with you because it’s important to rehydrate as you use up energy.

Per the NHS, a person should perform at least 150 minutes of weekly exercise. This means that if you prefer walking, aim for at least two and a half hours of walking on a weekly basis. One another example is taking the stairs instead of using the elevator, or walking to your destination if its near instead of using your car.

As for more long-term changes, always make sure that your posture is proper especially if you’ll be sitting for long stretches of time. Make sure that your monitor is on eye level or at least slightly below it. Don’t arch your back as well and try your best to sit up straight with your elbows on either side of your body.

low back pain Estimates show that 80 percent of all people worldwide will experience lower back pain in their lifetime. SanDiego PersonalInjuryAttorney/flickr

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