Eating Fast Could Lead To Weight Gain, Other Health Problems

Your busy life at work or in the house commonly pushes you to do things quickly, even your food. However, eating fast and mindlessly could lead to some health problems. 

The brain needs time to process how the body consumes food. It commonly takes up to 20 minutes for the brain to process signals of fullness.  

Failing to process these signals could lead to overeating, weight gain and obesity, according to Healthline. This happens as the brain struggles to keep up when a person eats fast, allowing consumption of more food. 

Previous research showed that fast eaters are three times more likely to become overweight. Another study also suggested that those who eat faster than average have two times higher risk of being obese. 

Obesity has been a growing problem in the U.S. and across the world. But gaining more weight is not the only health risks associated to eating fast.

Fast consumption of food could increase insulin resistance, which may then lead to type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Researchers previously reported that fast eaters have 2.5 times higher chances of developing diabetes compared to slow eaters. 

Some people may suffer from metabolic syndrome. It is a condition linked to higher risks of having a heart disease as well as diabetes. 

Poor digestion is another problem. Eating quickly has been linked to problems with digestion as people commonly take larger bites and chew their food less.

How to Fix Fast Eating

Eating slowly improves your digestion and enjoyment of food. To become as slow eater and to better enjoy your food, try to avoid eating in front of phones, the television and other devices, put your fork down between each mouthful, drink water, chew your food more often, pick fiber-rich food and enjoy small bites. 

Eating slowly also has a number of benefits. It could help increase levels of fullness hormones, make you more satisfied and cut calorie intake.

Mindful eating is important. It could play a significant role in keeping your body healthy and far from having diseases. So give time to indulge to stay healthy. 

eating How fast people eat their food has been found associated to the risks of weight gain and having some diseases, such as diabetes. Pixabay