Eliminate Fever Fast With These Tips

Exceeding the normal body temperature of 98.6°F (37°

C)  is considered a fever. However, the body generally fluctuates between 97.5°F to 99.5°F. The body temperature is subject to change depending on each individual’s immunity, time, environment, clothing and age.

Temperature of 101°F is not thought of as serious and can be dealt with by taking certain precautions without needing to visit the doctor. Fevers are oftentimes the result of an underlying infection. The symptoms of a fever are having a warm body, sweating a lot and being more thirsty.

If the person has another infection, he could have more symptoms such as sore throat, upset stomach and earache. A fever can occur for more than three days if it falls between 101°F to 103°F. When thinking of curing a fever, it is best to bring it down a notch even if it is only one degree instead of bringing it all the way down at once.

Here are some tips to resolve the fever on your own.


Drinking fluids helps the recovery process since it flushes out the toxins. Hence, being hydrated aids healing from fever. Experts suggest diluting fruit juices with water for children because the high glucose content enables bacteria to thrive. Therefore, all sugary drinks should be avoided during a fever. Coconut water can help a lot because it contains electrolytes. Herbal teas are great for fever too.  


Rest activates hormones that renew tissues and increases the body’s immunity post good sleep. Sleeping for seven to nine hours a day can help the body make white blood cells needed to fight off viruses.

Warm Bath

Ice-cold baths could make the fever worse. Hence, adding some epsom salt and essential oils to lukewarm water can help relax the muscles and ease body pain.  

Wear Lightweight Clothes

Sleeping under weighted blankets and wearing warm clothing only contains the heat of the fever and escalates it. Light blankets and clothes in a room temperature setting are more useful in getting rid of the fever. 

Take Probiotics 

Since the immune system resides in the gut, taking probiotics improves immune function and helps the body fight against infection. 

Consume Bland Food

Unrefined and unsweetened drinks with bland taste could help recover the lost appetite and stop vomiting if present. 


Fever The flu can be cured at home with a few important remedies. Pixabay Public Domain