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Elon Musk Again Eyes Nuclear Bombs On Mars To Make Second Earth

Elon Musk is known for his ideas and projects that promise to change the world. But that world is not just Earth since the SpaceX and Tesla CEO wants to transform Mars into a new habitable planet. 

But his plan is unique and has raised eyebrows. Well, that’s Elon Musk. You know him. 

The tech entrepreneur proposed dropping nuclear bombs on Mars to trigger terraformation. This process will change the Red Planet’s surface, temperature and atmosphere to have an environment similar to Earth. 

Musk expressed his interest in making a second Earth for humans through Twitter in the past week. The billionaire said "Nuke Mars!" and unveiled a shirt in an effort to introduce his idea. 

This is the first time Musk talked about bombing the Red Planet. In 2015, he discussed the plan during "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" and issued a report in 2017 explaining a strategy to build a colony on Mars with one million people. 

The ‘Nuke Mars’ Process

Musk said nuclear bombs would vaporize the polar ice caps on Mars, which may lead to release of vast amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. These changes could then cause the formation of greenhouse to change increase global temperature and warm up the planet. 

However, some experts questioned the process. A study in 2018 even suggested that Musk’s “Nuke Mars” idea will not work. 

Researchers said the planet lacks enough levels of CO2 to trigger global warming, reported. The team also noted there is no available technology to support the terraformation of Mars.

Another scientist warned that using nuclear bombs could lead to major problems. It may cause “nuclear winter” on Mars that would make the planet extreme cold with no light entering its atmosphere, according to Michael Mann, a climate scientist at Penn State University.

But Musk is serious and really wants to bring humans to Mars and utilize it. SpaceX recently developed a prototype for a spacecraft that would carry the first humans to the planet. 

NASA is working with the company to use the new spacecraft for future manned missions in deep space, including Mars, Business Insider reported

Mars Scientists have been exploring Mars to find potential signs of life and to see if it could support new organisms in the future. Pixabay