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King County Enforcing Health Directive To Wear Face Coverings In Public Starting Monday

With some regions starting to reopen on their end, King County is enforcing a simple but safe measure to make sure that their locals are protected. The Public Health - Seattle & King County is encouraging its residents to have some type of face covering worn when they go outdoors and/or end up in indoor places starting May 18.

Wearing a facemask is one of the common guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the protection of everybody. And as most know, putting on a face mask does not necessarily mean they have to buy the ones which are expensive and hard to come by these days. details the locations where face masks should be worn at all times. That includes stores that sell food and beverages, retail stores (i.e. convenience stores, pet supply stores), restaurants and food businesses, cannabis shops, tobacco and vapor shops and when riding or taking public transportation.

It should be noted that there is no penalty set for wearing a face covering but is highly encouraged for everyone's safety. They do not have to be medical masks but face coverings. These could be in the form of homemade cloth masks, scarves, bandanas that can cover an individual's mouth and nose. These are appropriate, saving the medical-grade surgical masks and N95 respirators for health workers and people who need them.

Also, children aged 2 and below are not required to wear face coverings. The only exception is that kids aged 2 to 12 may use a face mask if they are supervised to make sure that they are worn properly. Aside from kids, people with a disability who may have difficulty do not have to necessarily follow the directive. This includes people who are deaf, people who have trouble breathing or individuals advised by medical professionals not to wear one.

The initiative does not involve law enforcement and is something put into place for everyone's protection. King County Executive Dow Constantine believes that wearing a face covering is something tailored to protect everyone and essential workers to slow down the spread of the virus.

“It is a sign of our mutual concern for each other,” Constantine said.

Face Mask and COVID-19 Health authorities recommend that people wear face masks or coverings when going outside amid the COVID-19 pandemic to help reduce the risk of contracting or spreading the coronavirus. Pixabay