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Are Face Mists Good Or Bad For Facial Skin?

Face mists are popular products during the summer since they moisturize the skin in hot weather. They also provide a cooling sensation and give off an airy scent that makes you feel moisturized and fresh. However, dermatologists pointed out that not all facial mists generate these benefits. Alcohol-containing ones dehydrate the skin instead of hydrating it.

Board-certified dermatologist Whitney Bowe, M.D. told mindbodygreen that face mists give a temporary feeling of freshness. After five minutes, however, the components pull out water resulting in the evaporation of the liquid stored in your skin. Thus, she and other dermatologists recommend face mist products that do not adversely affect the skin’s moisture.

The recommended ones are those that do not contain irritants or astringents. Those with alcohol are also discouraged since the component acts as a dehydrator, leaving skin dry and dull. Although it lets you feel refreshed moments after application, the process involved in that sensation is actually the evaporation of liquid from your face.

Dr. Bowe also recommended that those with humectants are preferred. These options retain water such as those with squalene, aloe or hyaluronic acid.

Herbalist and board-certified dermatologist Steven Wong, M.D. also noted that some face mists are mixed with a drop of hydrating ingredient for them to pass as a moisturizing regimen. But he noted that the active ingredient does not help in keeping the skin hydrated.

Dr. Bowe also said that those with high hydrating components leave a residue on your skin which is actually accumulated “water-loving molecules” that stay on the surface. These trap water that keeps your skin hydrated and retains some liquid to keep the skin moisturized.

The Biossance Squalane + Micronutrient Fine Mist contains one of the recommended components. Founder of Simply Dermatology and cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kally Papantoniou told Forbes that squalane along with hyaluronic acid boosts hydration by collapsing cells to trap the water in the skin.

Another product that contains the recommended ingredient hyaluronic acid is Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist. According to Healthline, it is a gooey substance produced by the body found in the skin. It retains water to keep your tissues hydrated and moist. Thus, face mists with this ingredient have better chances of keeping your skin from dehydration, thereby serving their purpose well.