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Fish Health Dangers: Shocking Reasons To Never Eat Swai Fish

Seafood in general, and especially fish, often offers a lot of healthy and beneficial benefits for people who eat them. Certain types of fish that are wild-caught even provide a great amount of omega-3s, which is a healthy fat that can be extremely beneficial to our heart, while some serve as protein-foods that help build our muscles.

However, due to its price tag, many people often resort to more affordable options, thinking that the benefits are more or less the same. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

One such example is the swai fish, otherwise known as the basa fish. Considered as an important fish in the international market, it’s incredibly cheap at about $2 per pound. But are you aware of the major problems with this fish? Read on to find out.

First off, what is Swai fish? Essentially, it’s a type of white fish that sports both a flaky texture and mild flavor. It’s actually a type of catfish and is a freshwater fish usually found in Vietnamese rivers.

So why is it not safe to eat? Simple, because of the way it’s raised and fed, and not because of its nutritional value. Here are the reasons:

  1. Lax inspection rules, health violations and microbes – Because it’s not “considered” catfish, it’s not subject to the inspection rules that imported catfish goes through. Furthermore, 70-80 percent of swai fish samples contain vibrio bacteria, which is behind most shellfish poisoning cases.
  2. Aquatic disaster – These fishes usually live in ponds filled with waste and sludge. They also destroy wetlands and damage important river life.
  3. Seafood fraud – While swai fish is generally much cheaper than other fish, there’s a case where 15.5 million worth of swai fish were imported to Virginia by a U.S. seafood company and sold at a more expensive price.
  4. Drugged – The fish ponds in Vietnam where swai fish are raised uses a wide range of pesticides, disinfectants and antibiotics that have already been banned in the U.S. Furthermore, these fishes have also tested positive for cancer-causing malachite green (drug used to treat sick fish) during an inspection back in 2016.

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