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Fishing Nurtures Love Life, Promotes Better Mental Health

A fishing enthusiast claimed she found love through fishing. A psychologist also explained that fishing improves mental health since it reduces symptoms of PTSD and promotes happiness. To learn more about the different benefits of fishing, read on.

Builds and Nurtures Relationships

A user of social media networking service Fishbrain Heather Law claimed she found her romantic partner through her love for fishing. Law came across a photo posted by username Metalhead Fred in the app that made her laugh. Subsequently, she went to a fishing trip and recognized the man who posted the photo. Shortly thereafter, she initiated a conversation with her fellow fishing enthusiast through the app and they developed a romantic relationship not too long after.

Law suggested that going on a fishing trip on a lake surrounded by the sounds of nature and beautiful landscapes gave off a positive feeling. She claimed that sharing the excitement with someone who also loved fishing allowed her romantic relationship to grow. She also said that fishing tests a person’s patience because the activity may make one frustrated especially when it takes a long time to catch a fish.

Law also claimed that the waiting part of fishing helped her talk and bond better with her partner. She then suggested that before someone meets a significant other, taking a trip to secluded places like she and her partner did is important. Law said this helps couples create a stronger relationship since the activity requires patience, understanding and compassion towards your significant other.

Improves Mental Health

Law’s theories are now backed up by scientific evidence. According to Insider, fishing has a connection to happiness and well-being. It improves a person’s self-esteem, mood and memory and promotes better mental health. It also reduces the risk of certain cancers and regulates blood pressure.

Relieves PTSD Symptoms

Psychologists Mark Wheeler and Nick Cooper told Metro that fishing is an effective remedy to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They analyzed war veterans who engaged in fishing activities and found that for every fishing trip, the veterans’ PTSD symptoms reduced by 30 percent.

In addition, war veteran Steward Bayford claimed that fishing was his own way of relaxing his brain. He said it was a good distraction and found the quietness of the environment beneficial. He previously had trouble sleeping before engaging in the activity, but he felt more relaxed after a fishing trip.

Fishing A family fishing together in the lake. Pexels/Pixabay