Food Addiction: Simple Guide On How To Overcome Condition

Everyone likes food, and that’s the truth. This is because while food is our primary way to sustain life, it can also be very enjoyable and deriving pleasure from eating is a very natural human trait. However, too much of anything has it downsides, and unfortunately, the effects of some food on people makes it hard for them to avoid it.

This results in food addiction, which actually operates in almost the same way as other types of addiction, making it hard for people to actually contain themselves when seeing a certain type of food. Is there a way to help prevent it?

Understanding Food Addiction

Similar to other eating disorders such as bulimia, compulsive eating and binge eating disorder, food addiction is characterized by an addiction to eating food, in this case, junk food. People can also get addicted to sugary foods and highly-processed fried foods.

Per studies, the condition works the same way as addiction since it involves the same areas in the brain of someone with drug addiction, even using the same neurotransmitters, which then results to similar symptoms.

How To Overcome The Condition

The first step to helping overcome the condition is acknowledging it and deciding what to do about it. You can do this by making a pros and cons list, thinking carefully about what to eat, avoiding fast food places and writing down a list of all your trigger foods and making a conscious effort to avoid them.

Additionally, avoid dieting for now and focus on incorporating more whole foods into your meals. This is because adding restrictions and hunger to the mix can make food addiction harder to stop.

Furthermore, if you feel like it’s too daunting of a task for you, it’s never shameful to ask for professional help, as well as join support groups that can aid you in overcoming your condition. If you’re of the more one-on-one support type, then looking for a psychiatrist or psychologist that specializes in the field can also be helpful.

Bottomline is, the condition can’t be solved on its own. Overcoming it takes serious effort on your part but it’s certainly achievable.

Overeating An overflowing bin full of takeaway food containers at night on March 16, 2019 in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Matthew Horwood / Contributor