Foods To Avoid After 4 PM To Avoid Weight Gain

White bread, ice cream, candy bars and potato chips are the foods you need to keep away from past four in the afternoon. Avoiding these is doing yourself a favor of not gaining extra weight.

White Bread

Maybe you think you are just eating light because white bread is made from processed grains and refined carbohydrates, you are actually eating more because of its low amounts of fiber.

Unlike whole grain bread, white bread will not fill your appetite as effectively because of its low fiber content. The tendency is that you will eat immoderately that may result to weight gain.

Ice Cream

You have to avoid eating ice cream, too. "Ice cream is a carb-heavy food, and eating a lot of refined carbohydrates results in belly fat deposition," according to Edwina Clark, registered dietitian and wellness expert.

Ice cream can be tempting for a late afternoon snack. However, if it's only going to make you increase in size, you better consider not having it anymore.

Candy Bars

Snacking on candy bars is relatively not good if you wish to lose some weight. Small portions of the foodstuff doesn't mean consuming it in little amounts.

You might be eating increasingly than you should, and if you wish to avoid getting fat, quit eating these sweet treats.

Potato Chips

This common movie snack is also unhealthy to consume after four in the afternoon. In fact, it can be the worst food to eat and so the best to avoid. According to Livestrong, eating fatty foods, chips and fried foods alike is an unhealthy form of diet that causes you to gain extra pounds.

Though potato chips contain small amounts of fiber, protein and other nutrients, a standard serving of it is high in sodium. Excessive amounts of sodium is generally harmful to health.

Heart disease and increased blood pressure are the typical health issues caused by too much sodium consumption.

While it is vital to restrict oneself from certain foods in order to lose weight, it is important to eat unprocessed, healthy food as well, especially later in the day when metabolism slows down.

Potato Chips Potato chips Pixabay, public domain.