Forced Organ Harvesting In China Confirmed, Tribunal Says

An independent tribunal has investigated China on claims of forced organ harvesting — a violation against human rights. Although the country has claimed to have stopped the practice, a panel of experts revealed that there’s evidence to prove that it is still ongoing in spite of China’s denial.

A team of transplant surgeons, prominent lawyers and human rights experts instituted the independent China Tribunal that looked into evidence and accounts of witnesses regarding the forced organ harvesting in China. They have uncovered that the practice has not halted and more prisoners and dissidents continue to suffer from the inhumane practice.

The independent China Tribunal uncovered that people have died inhumane deaths without justification and that more continue to suffer the same fate in the country, Sir Geoffrey Nice QC told The Guardian. He delivered the panel’s final judgment and cited that there is no evidence that proved the practice has been halted and that it continues to run in China.

During the hearings, a former Chinese surgeon, Enver Tohti, revealed he was compelled to cut into a patient’s body and hasten the organ harvesting process of a recently executed prisoner who was shot in the head. Tohti further told The Telegraph that while he was extracting the kidneys and liver, the victim was still alive. The victim struggled during the operation but was too weak to resist, said Tohti.

Human rights advocate David Kilgour was also among those who testified during the hearings. He told Australia’s ABC Network that the crimes are continuing and that the epidemic worsened in Falun Gong.

The tribunal pointed out that there has been extraordinarily short waiting times for organ transplant procedures conducted within the country and that there has been a surplus of compatible organs. A study published in SocArXiv revealed that in a 10-day period in 2016, there were a total of 640 organs transplanted from 30 officially listed donors. The numbers suggested that every donor had to donate 21 body parts on average to meet the magnitude of demand.

The numbers have triggered suspicion among researchers who suggested that hundreds of Chinese scientific papers had relied their studies on thousands of unethically sourced organs, as per Science Alert.

Organ transplant A series of reports allege that China continues to execute Falun Gong prisoners and extract their insides against their will for organ transplants. skeeze/Pixabay