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How To Eliminate Bed Bugs For Good

Bed bugs are common among American homes and are dangerous to your health. They disrupt your sleep and contaminate household furniture, clothes and linens. Here are home remedies that help you eliminate bed bugs for good.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Entomologist Richard Pollack, Ph.D. told Good Housekeeping it is important to know firsthand if you have a bed bug problem and why your home is infested. He claimed that less than 10 percent of those labeled as critters are actually bed bugs. What are they?

As per WebMD, bed bugs are small insects with an oval shape and brown color. They feed off the blood of animals and humans and are usually as small as an apple seed. They turn red when they’re fully fed. Unlike mosquitos, bed bugs do not fly but move quickly over floors, walls and linens. They also lay hundreds of eggs that are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Homes get infested with bed bugs as they latch on to your luggage when you’re traveling or on secondhand furniture, clothes, boxes and pillows. An urban entomologist at Cornell University Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann also claimed that they may latch on to your clothes from movie theaters and retail stores. These insects are usually prevalent in messy homes. If you suffer from itchy, red bites, your home may be infested with them.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Search Your Home – The first step is ensuring that your home is infested with them. Bed bugs hide beneath your furnishings such as headboards and at the sides of your mattresses. They hole up furniture and leave a crack in beds and walls. They also leave black stains and have discarded molted skins. David Dunham of Go Green Bedbug Dogs suggested that you should check your house as soon as possible since bed bug infestation easily spreads throughout the house.

Seal Infested Items – Sealing beddings and clothes in clean plastic bags prevent the spread of the insects in other parts of the house. Experts at the University of Minnesota Department of Entomology suggested setting the room temperature at high heat for 60 minutes. This will kill the insects. Furthermore, you should dispose the used plastic bags and leave the infested ones sealed or until you have disinfected them.

Vacuum Linens – According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), vacuuming rugs, floors, furniture, beds and cracks around the house helps get rid of bed bugs. After doing this, dispose the contaminated vacuum bag by sealing it with a plastic bag and throwing it in the garbage bin.

Hire A Professional – Over-the-counter sprays may help your problem with bed bug infestation. But when used incorrectly, pyrethroid-based pesticides may not work on the insect and harm you instead. In this case, it’s best to hire a pest control professional to abolish them.

bed bugs Bed bugs apparently have favorite and least favorite colors when it comes to where they like to live. Stan Honda/Getty