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Girl Dies After Doctor Misdiagnosed Her With Constipation When She Has Cancer

Recently, a mother from United Kingdom stated that apparently, doctors misdiagnosed her 3-year-old daughter’s stomach pain as mere constipation when she was actually suffering from a rare form of cancer. Days after the diagnosis made by the doctors, the young girl unfortunately succumbed to it and died.


According to the mother, confirmed to be Eilish Flanagan, her daughter Aoife Flanagan began to complain about stomach aches earlier in June, as well as in other parts of her body. Like any other concerned mother, Flanagan then took her daughter to the doctor to find out what’s happening. However, she stated that every time they make a visit, the doctors would tell her that the pains were only caused by constipation.

"I took her to see the GP or a consultant doctor 11 times in three weeks. She'd been in and out of the hospital with different infections and problems but they kept telling us she had common child constipation, ” Flanagan said. "As a mother, I knew there was something else wrong. I raised my concerns and she had pains in other areas of her body but the doctors never examined her,” she added, claiming that there even was a discovered tumor in her child’s bottom that the doctors didn’t bother to investigate.

While waiting to be transferred, it was then discovered via X-ray that Aoife’s bowel was being blocked by a large tumor in her liver. After the transfer, the doctor’s then diagnosed that the child’s condition is caused by a rare form of cancer called germ cell cancer. Forming in the reproductive cells, this type of cancer could still be treated. However, it was already in its later stages for Aoife.

Come July 7, Aoife then succumbed to the cancer and died, just a few days after the diagnosis.

"She was scared because she had lost quite a lot of weight but she still had the courage in her and she was fighting with every ounce of her body, she was so brave,” Flanagan said.

Some of Aoife’s organs are donated for research purposes, while Flanagan is now in the process of finalizing a charity called “Aoife’s bubbles,” which would be the U.K.’s only registered childhood Germ Cell cancer charity.

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