Got Large Facial Pores? Here Are Effective Ways To Shrink Them

Large facial pores could be a huge nightmare for many. It gets worse the moment you stare at them in front of the mirror. And if you are someone who is constantly facing a lot of people, then surely your confidence level would be affected by this issue.

Fortunately, there are things you can do and use to counter large pores and make them go away for good. But before we get to them, you need to understand first what’s causing your facial pores to grow bigger in size.

Apparently, the tiny dots on your face are actually the openings of hair follicles. The sebaceous glands inside them are responsible for producing oil that moisturizes the skin and prevents it from drying out, as explained by Dermveda.

However, when facial pores get clogged by dead skin cells and sebum, pimples could form, and worse, the pores could stretch out. Another way for pores to become bigger is when you don’t wear enough protection against the sun’s rays. UV rays have been found to negatively impact collagen that supposedly keeps pores tight.

Aging is also another reason for having bigger pores. As you age, you tend to suffer collagen loss when no supplementation is involved. The collagen loss increases the size of your pores. Lastly, there’s trauma; when you pick or squeeze a zit or a blackhead, your pores could be widened.

Experts advise that to keep your facial pores small and healthy, you need to use noncomedogenic moisturizers and makeup. These are products formulated carefully so as not to cause any blockage of the pores.

Real Simple said you should avoid applying petroleum, mineral oil and products with heavy ingredients on your face since they can readily irritate pores and make them bigger. If you can’t avoid wearing makeup due to the nature of your work, then you need to always wash your face with a gentle face cleanser after removing your makeup and before going to bed.

If you have an active lifestyle and you always hit the gym, then you better cleanse your face before and after an intense workout because sweat can carry certain debris that could clog pores.

Finally, the best way to minimize facial pores is to exfoliate.Use natural scrubs to remove dead skin cells that could clog your pores. Experts recommend exfoliating daily if your skin is not that sensitive. If it is, then exfoliate once or three times a week.

face There are ways to diminish the size of your facial pores. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay