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Green Coffee For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

When you come across a conversation that discusses how green coffee can help you lose weight, it’s usually because of the chlorogenic compounds that are present in the coffee beans, which actually have antioxidant effects. This is the reason as to why people say they are beneficial for weight loss. However, when coffee beans are roasted, the chlorogenic content gets reduced, leading people to believe that green (or unroasted) coffee is the way to go if you want to shed off a few pounds.

With that in mind, there is actually very few scientific evidence that’s backing this claim, however. But don’t jump ship just yet (or switch coffee beans) since unroasted coffee beans can still help you on your weight loss journey more than roasted ones can, given that you combine it with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Green Coffee for Weight Loss

The truth is, drinking green coffee alone will not help you lose weight, especially if you lead an equally unhealthy lifestyle. This includes binge drinking and smoking as well as other unhealthy habits. One can only lose weight through green coffee if you combine it with a lifestyle that’s healthy.

Based on a study published in the Indian Journal Of Innovative Research and Development, chlorogenic compounds can aid you on your weight loss, and is actually considered as a miracle compound. This is because it can help melt unwanted fat in your body, as well as help increase your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This would then result in your body reducing the release of glucose from your liver into the bloodstream, which then makes your body burn fat instead of glucose for energy. Working all together, this can then help you lose some weight.

Drinking green coffee can also help suppress your appetite, stopping you from overeating and gaining more weight during those null hours. However, green coffee can’t help you lose weight all on its own. Chewing your food properly, eating more proteins, eating more fiber, practicing portion control, exercising and following a healthier diet can help you lose on your fitness journey.

coffee Instant coffee contains less caffeine but good amounts of antioxidants, which could help improve health. Pixabay