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Halle Berry Anti-Aging Secret: How Actress Keeps Her Skin Looking Young

One thing is for sure, Halle Berry has one of the most notable young-looking faces in Hollywood. She always manages to keep her skin smooth and glowing all the time, not to mention wrinkle-free.

Despite being 52 years old, Berry looks decades younger. Truly, one can say that she had taken the time to keep everything in her life healthy and balanced. In her many social media accounts, Berry shares with the rest of us her secrets to things under the category of health, beauty and wellness.

In an interview, Berry revealed some of her skincare secrets. It involves regular exercise and a hefty investment on various skincare products. She claims that the products she uses on her skin are “magic.”

Berry has always believed that a good exercise and fitness routine is associated with having good and healthy skin. For her, it’s not only about how you feel but also about how you look. She swears by cardio. She shares that one of her many secrets in keeping and maintaining a young-looking skin is getting the blood running through your body as this will greatly help with your complexion. Moreover, with cardio, you sweat, and with sweat, your cheeks get naturally flushed.

Interestingly enough, science backs up her claims on the secret to healthy skin. A study published in the journal Preventive Medicine, people who sweat and vigorously exercise had certain biological aging markers that usually appear in individuals who are a decade younger.

In addition, Berry shared that skincare guru Olga Lorencin heavily influences her on how to take care of her skin. Some of Lorencin’s clients include Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba. Her clinic has been operating for about 18 years. Lorencin has also been the go-to skincare expert for most Hollywood stars. In fact, she is known to many as the aesthetician to the stars.

One of Lorencin’s products is the “Ageless Facial in a Box.” Berry explained that she uses this every night. It is a no-rinse hydrating sleep mask that is made of silver mushroom extract, a component that is much more hydrating than hyaluronic acid.

Berry noted that with Lorencin’s product, regular exercise and proper diet, just about anyone can achieve the same level of smoothness that her skin possesses.