Hamilton County Commissioner Reveals Dramatic Increase In Coronavirus Cases

Containing the COVID-19 is the prerogative of most states and their counties but it appears such is not happening over in  Hamilton County. Based on the latest reports, the number of cases is dramatically increasing and this development is a bit alarming. While mass testing has increased in the region, the numbers are simply too large.

“More people are getting tested and diagnosed with a positive diagnosis,” Commissioner Denise Driehaus said. “However, the recent spike is too large to be explained by just this alone.”

During a briefing, Driehaus revealed that there were 4,098 cases of coronavirus, 665 hospitalizations and 188 deaths in Hamilton County. However, the rate of increase is what is disturbing. Just four weeks ago, the rate of increase was at 166. The increase jumped a bit from the three weeks at 177 but the numbers nearly doubled last week at 398. This week, that has again doubled to 782. Hence, there may be something that county officials are overlooking, something that they have to figure out soon.

Regardless of these developments, Hamilton Health County Commissioner Greg Kesterman vowed that the fight against COVID-19 will continue. Aware that there is no proven vaccine to help contain the virus, for now, the best thing to do is to cooperate and follow guidelines to prevent the virus from spreading further. That includes wearing faces masks at all times and observing social distancing when outdoors.

Addressing the spike in COVID-19 cases will be easier said than done. For one, businesses are reopening and the volume of people now outdoors may contribute in further cases. Hence, the only thing that can be done is to be on guard and raise the level of awareness called upon globally.  This is concerning the simple guidelines mentioned above plus practicing proper hygiene at all times and avoiding gatherings in large groups.

COVID-19 contact tracing Contact tracing amid the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to help countries and communities monitor the spread of the disease and prevent new outbreaks. Pixabay

“That is the worldwide message for stopping the spread of COVID-19,”  Kesterman said.

Beyond the alarming number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalization has also been taking a hit. Bed occupancy is also increasing. Though manageable at the moment, Health Collaborative Christa Hyson is worried that it may reach a point where they may get overloaded once more.

“As of right now, not in this moment. However, in a week could that change? Yes,”  she said.