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Having A 'Vent Buddy' Is Good For Your Health, Study Says

Having a “vent buddy” contributes to better health. A clinical psychologist has claimed that it’s better to vent out your frustrations than keeping them to yourself. The activity was also likened to problem-solving.

According to clinical psychologist and author of “Paradoxical Strategies in Psychotherapy” Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D., venting out your frustrations to someone relieves you of stress and tension. The activity makes you feel lighter after sharing indignity, misfortune, perceived threat and injustice to someone. As per WellBody.Net, moms who experience a series of tough situations also find venting to a friend helpful to their well-being. It was further suggested that a friend who does not judge you and listens to your troubles is good for your mental health.

When you feel emotionally wrecked or physically drained, you are more likely to feel lonely. But having a “vent buddy” allows you to see a new perspective in difficult situations. They help you realize what you have been doing wrong and apply an appropriate action to feel less stressed, which also lowers your risk of depression.

According to a 2009 study published in Emotion Review, disclosing stress is a common type of coping mechanism that lowers stress levels especially when speaking to someone empathic. Those who express empathy over your situations also help you learn about how to appropriately manage these emotions.

Furthermore, venting out helps moms practice empathy and this makes them better teachers to their children in terms of developing friendships. If you support and listen to your friends, it is more likely that your child will follow by your example and establish strong friendship ties, as well.

When you also manifest this characteristic in front of your children, there is a higher chance that your kids may also adapt the emotional support provided by your “vent buddy,” giving them a strong emotional support growing up. Since releasing the stress and tension also makes you feel less alone, supported and cared for, it also makes you happier, mentally stable and it lowers the risk of developing mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Best Friends Having a 'vent buddy' helps you cope with life challenges which is good for your health. Free-Photos/Pixabay