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Hayley Williams Talks Social Media Break And Mental Health

It comes as no surprise that cases of mental health issues are on the rise nowadays, and it does not matter if you are famous or merely an ordinary person coursing through normal life.

Mental health issues should not be looked down upon. When the person feels it, it hits hard enough for him or her to break from it all. That said, it is crucial to listen to the body and mind, and go with what is needed at the moment.

For years, Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams has bargained with different types of negativities in her life, including her mental health struggles that she recently addressed in a lengthy post on Instagram.

In an Instagram post, Williams was careful not to sensationalize issues that involve mental health, for it is such a sensitive and overlayered subject matter for every person. She continues to show people that even with these struggles, she feels the need to inform others of what she has been dealing with for the past years.

For Williams, it is vital to bring herself to speak about such matters and to get herself to receive a true diagnosis since she is working hard on becoming strong for herself.

The singer states that because of the situation she is currently in, she will be taking an extended break from all of the social media platforms she is handling. This much-needed break is to devote her attention wholeheartedly to her new hair dye project, Good Dye Young, which produces vegan and cruelty-free products. She has permitted her social media team to operate her social media accounts and keep everyone updated on both Paramore and her new business venture.

After that, Williams left fans a piece of real advice about the need to take care of oneself. She made an emphasis on the value of believing in self-worth. There is no denying that every person in the world deserves a breather or two, especially when times are too much to handle.

For those combating mental health issues, reaching out to the right and recommended people for help is deeply encouraged.

Hayley Williams Hayley Williams of Paramore performs during the 2018 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on June 8, 2018 in Manchester, Tennessee. C Flanigan/WireImage