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Healthiest Way To Brew Coffee Revealed

There are people who have coffee without any traces of sugar; they sip on it as they rush to work, the blackness leaving a faint tint on their teeth.

Some wake up at 4 a.m. to take a bag of beans out of an airtight container, eyes still heavy from sleep. These are the individuals who have grown accustomed to the “slowness” of things; they have admirable patience, one that is acquired from years of roasting each bean on a frying pan.

There are also those who finish drinking their second cup at 3 p.m., tired and hoping to course through the day quickly.

Adding to those impassioned ways of drinking are the healthier means of brewing coffee. Experts claim that there are two main elements that need to be considered when preparing one’s coffee: the potential toxicity of the container material and the effect of the brewing method on the bean itself.

When it comes to the former, a classic French press or any pour-over method is highly recommended. The use of glass or stainless steel in these two methods guarantees the sanitation.

To support the statement, Dave Asprey, whose Bulletproof lattes have transfigured the coffee industry, said that the stainless steel mesh filter found in a French press allows the natural oils of the coffee to pass through. This is the same for the basic open pour-over method.

Non-pour-over methods, on the other hand, have several drawbacks. Machines that make use of coffee pods are a prospect of a less healthier means of transferring the hot beverage into one’s cup. This is because both the pod packaging and the machine can collect dirt and mold in the long run, unless these are being cleaned regularly and properly.

Other experts also endorse a pour-over method with an unbleached filter to prevent extra chemical exposure. This can remove most of the terpenes while retaining as many polyphenols as possible.

Interestingly, people without cholesterol issues may mix in a glass of cold brew, Turkish, or French press coffee from time to time for that extra dose of terpenes. Those who suffer from any cardiovascular problems should avoid this, however.

Coffee A sack of coffee beans are displayed during the Paris Coffee show at the Parc Floral, in the French capital on May 27, 2019. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP/Getty Images