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Heart-Friendly Foods For Your Diabetic Diet

Suffering from diabetes? If so, then here are healthy foods that you should always include in your diet.

Healthy Foods To Include In Your Diet If You Have Diabetes

Despite being one of the most common conditions that Americans face, a lot of diabetic patients think that the disease only affects their blood sugar. This is false, however, because diabetes actually affects our entire organ system, which means that our heart is in danger from the condition as well. In fact, diabetic people are twice as likely to suffer from either a stroke or a heart attack than those who don’t have it.

Fortunately, since our organ system and our health affects each other, a lot of the foods we eat can impact our condition as well, even improve it by a significant amount, given that we eat the right type of foods.

But just what are these foods? Here's a handy guide for you:


Rich in soluble fiber, legumes, like beans, split peas and lentils, are good for both your heart health and your diabetic condition. This is because soluble fiber is known to help lower the level of bad cholesterol in your bloodstream, which helps promote feelings of satiety. Additionally, fiber also slows down the spike in your blood sugar levels.


Rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and lignans, flaxseed is a good way of incorporating heart-healthy nutrients into your diet. They’re also an easy snack that you can eat between meals.


Much like legumes, oatmeal also helps boost the fiber content in your body. However, if you really want to get a good amount of fiber, opt for adding chopped fruits and vegetables to your oatmeal. To help fight your inflammation and normalize your blood pressure, add fruits like apricots, bananas, apples and some citrus. Also, remember to eat at least five fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.


Tasty and easy to incorporate in desserts, avocados are rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and fiber, all of which help promote heart health.


Sweet, delicious and have a low glycemic index, berries are very ideal for a diabetic diet. Studies also show that berries are very beneficial for one’s heart health.

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