Here's Why Presidential Campaigns Now Run Animal Cruelty Ads On Facebook

If you’re like most people who spend a lot of time in social media, you might be noticing some Facebook ads run by presidential candidates that talk about ending animal cruelty, despite the topic being one of the least talked about last year. Why is this so?

Tried and Tested Issue

With the 2020 elections drawing ever near, a quick browse at Facebook will show you ads that talk about animal cruelty, and are apparently run by the likes of President Trump and other candidates like Senator Elizabeth Warren. There’s actually an easy explanation for all of this.

For one thing, it’s because it’s easy to capitalize on animal rights, given that 2020 entered with a new law that makes animal cruelty a federal crime, and how the topic itself was a real concern last year. But it’s not just ads that speak of animal rights since some candidates feature ads that show their own actual pets, even while these candidates themselves rarely address the topic during their own, respective campaign trails.

Why? It’s simply because animal posts rule the internet. Per research, our gray matters are apparently wired to provide a unique sort of attentiveness to animals, which have been proven on more than one occasion on the internet.

Unorthodox Animal Facebook Campaigns

Per research, current U.S. President Trump has run around 450 ads about ending animal cruelty on Facebook, even signing a law that makes it a federal crime since 2020 first started.

There’s also Mike Bloomberg, who has run at least nine different ads that promote his own record on animal welfare. He’s also bought more Facebook ads than any other politician this year. And while Senator Elizabeth Warren hasn’t run ads of the same nature, she does run ones that feature Bailey, her dog. In fact, her campaign itself has made the dog a surrogate type, sending him to Iowa to campaign for her on her behalf.

Time will tell, however, whether these ads are enough to get people looking in their direction and actually vote for their names this coming election.

Donald Trump Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Gage Skidmore/flickr