Hitting Close To Home: Worst Games To Play During The COVID-19 Lockdown

With the coronavirus making everybody stay at home and more PCs and consoles relying on online features to keep their player base, there’s no better time to spend a few hours playing a video game more than now. Unfortunately, some of them might hit a bit too close to home.

Worst Games To Play During This Pandemic

We’ve already given you some of the best games that you can play during the coronavirus outbreak, but what about games that you need to avoid especially if you’re more on the sensitive side?

Now, the games included in this list aren’t bad games at all. It’s just that playing them might not be particularly appropriate for now, especially if you’re using video games to take your mind off of the pandemic happening right now. Here’s what to steer clear from for now (or not, depends on you):

The Last of Us

With a global pandemic going on right now, playing a game where half of the world has been killed or turned into zombies is hardly a great choice. In this game, mutant fungis have led to a post-apocalyptic world, paired with a very sad and depressing story to boot. You’ll do anything but smile.

Resident Evil 7

Avoid this or any other game from the series, literally. Much of the series focuses on zombies, viruses and post-apocalyptic set-ups, with lots of mutated humans-turned-monsters. Hardly a cheerful game to play. Oh, and on this one, you’re stuck in a house with psychopaths. Keep that in mind.

Two-Point Hospital

While not necessarily a dark game (it has a cheerful vibe), this game does have you dealing with staff and patients, managing the budget and weathering through in-game epidemics. Sounds hardly relaxing, right?


While it’s one of the best games you can play right now, we won’t recommend this since the game deals with a Gothic city riddled with monsters thanks to a mysterious disease. It’s melancholic terror and Lovecraftian horror in video game format, with lots of blood even in the title.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

What’s worse than an outbreak or epidemic? Being in 14th century while going through it, where people still believed in superstition and modern medicine wasn’t available. That’s exactly what this game is like, which is why we can’t recommend it. Also, are you afraid of rats? Because this game has rats, lots of rats.

Video Game Scientific research has been strongly divided on whether violent video games are a key factor in increasing human aggression. Pixabay

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