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Hot Dog Recall 2019: Beef Wieners Recalled Over Suspected Metal Contamination

Just a couple of days before the Memorial Day Weekend, which starts the grilling season in the U.S. unofficially, Vienna Beef unexpectedly recalled thousands of pounds of beef hot dogs. The reason? Possible metal contamination of the products.

Based out of Chicago, the 126-year old company Vienna Beef Ltd. has issued the recall for more or less 2,030 pounds of what it calls “skinless beef frankfurters.” Bearing their own specific product packaging codes, most of these hot dogs were shipped to Wisconsin, lllinois and Indiana. However, the products weren’t available directly to consumers via grocery stores and supermarkets. Rather, the 203 10-pound packages were shipped and sold to restaurants in the aforementioned states.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) website and Vienna Beef’s vice president of marketing Tom McGlade, after realizing the problem, the Chicago-based company immediately reported the incident.

McGlade added that the company was able to recall all of the hot dog packages that are possibly contaminated. However, according to the notice released by the USDA, food-safety officials are “concerned that some product may be in food service refrigerators or freezers.”

Thankfully, there are no reported incidents of being injured by the contaminants, which, per the release, are described as “extraneous materials, specifically metal.” According to the company, the contaminants were supposedly discovered at one of the company’s facilities, although the report didn’t indicate as to where exactly.

Per the USDA notice, any food service that has packages of skinless beef frankfurters that have the establishment code “ENT 1” should discard or return the products. The contaminated products have these descriptions:

  • 10-lb. cases containing “SKINLESS BEEF FRANKFURTERS 6” 8’s 10#” with case code 013180 and package code 9122 represented on the label.
  • 10-lb. cases containing “SKINLESS BEEF FRANKFURTERS 6” 11’s 10#” with case code 013312 and package code 9122 or 9123 represented on the label.
  • 10-lb. cases containing “SKINLESS BEEF FRANKFURTERS 7” 9’s 10#” with case code 013490 and package code 9122 or 9123 represented on the label.

The USDA also urges everyone to seek medical assistance if they have consumed the contaminanted hot dogs.

hot dog It's probably best not to ask what's inside of your hot dog. Pixabay Public Domain