How To Achieve Personal Happiness

Truth be told, there is no secret to happiness. And there are also no rules that are set on how to personally achieve happiness or what counts as universal happiness. This is because different things make different people happy.

Still, it didn’t stop science from taking a crack at understanding the formula, and here’s what 30 years of happiness research has come up with. Take a look.

  1. Social support – And so the truth goes, no man really is an island, especially nowadays, where one is likely to feel more alone than before. As per international research, having important people in your life, especially in times of need, is key to living a healthier life. This support can come from different people, whether it’s from a long-term marriage, relationships, family or friends.
  2. Money – “Money can’t buy happiness,” is a common saying. And although that’s partly true (money can’t solve a lot of things), it’s also a key to living happier. That’s because money buys security and comfort. We live in an expensive world and simply having money takes away all the stress that comes without it. Money brings choices for people and can easily improve the quality of life.
  3. Health – Per research, health is one of the biggest predictors of happiness. That’s because your health can determine the quality of life you will have. After all, you wouldn’t be happy if you’re constantly sick, right? Research also shows that people who are fit and exercise regularly are more likely to reduce the risk of developing depression.
  4. Generosity – This may come as a bit of a surprise but generosity has actually proved to contribute a lot to personal happiness. That’s because giving back provides us with a sense of contentment and satisfaction for contributing to something or someone. Generosity is also a central way that humans use to connect.
  5. Freedom – The last one on this list comes as a bit of a curveball. However, the World Happiness Report states that achieving your rights as a person and being allowed to make your own choices can make someone happy. This can apply to a lot of areas as well, such as economic and political freedom.

Happy couple Four subtle signs of a healthy relationship, from pronoun use to different spending habits. Photo courtesy of Pexels, Public Domain