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How Contraceptive Pills Almost Killed This 33-Year-Old Woman

In recent news, a woman has revealed how her life was almost taken by a contraceptive pill, which instead of regulating her hormones, formed two huge blood clots in her body.

A Near-Death Experience

Lauren Dyer, 33 years old, stated that she awoke moments just after she fainted uncontrollably, saying that she has no idea what had happened. Since she was short of breath and having trouble moving around and talking, her brother then decided to call an ambulance. From there, the normally healthy and cheerful Aldi worker was rushed from her Tamworth home to Good Hope Hospital.

Once at the hospital, she was then questioned and scanned, leading doctors to reveal that her breathing is being restricted by two massive pulmonary embolisms, or blood clots. One was apparently blocking the main airway of her right lung, while the other has positioned itself in her left lung’s lower part.

Then, a blood specialist stated that these blood clots most likely started as ones in the pelvis that eventually found their way into her lungs and was caused by taking Microgynon, which is a contraceptive pill.

Thankfully, it was spotted early and Dyer feels thankful since a similar case happened to Tamworth teaching assistant Fallan Kurek back in 2015, which led to her death. She apparently suffered two cardiac arrests after she stopped breathing.

"I’m very lucky to be alive today. I didn’t get any warning signs I just passed out. Usually with blood clots, they start in the legs and your legs will swell and give you pain and treatment can be given before they travel closer to you heart or brain, but mine developed in the pelvic area and when I passed out that was the clots passing through my heart,” Dyer said.

To help her recover, Dyer was given a drug that would blast the clots into tiny pieces and clear them immediately as a way to help clear her lungs. Thankfully, the treatment worked, although with a little bit of bruising.

"I know I'm lucky because there was a girl in Tamworth who died from a blot clot caused by the pill,” she added.

Contraceptive pills Women protest with #FreeThePillDay slogan for birth control pills to be made available even without a doctor's prescription. GabiSanda/Pixabay