How To Improve Your Body And Diet While In Isolation

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the lives of people who follow a consistent fitness schedule. So how do you actually stay fit and maintain, even improve, your body while undergoing the lockdown? Here are some tips to follow.

Tips To Improve Your Body And Diet Amid The Lockdown

It’s safe to say that the lockdown that came as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for all of us to stay fit and exercise, what with the closure of gyms and the stay-at-home restrictions. And while exercising is definitely possible at home, it’s still not the same without the proper equipment, especially if you live in a smaller space alongside other people.

And with everyone suddenly learning how to cook, it’s no surprise that people have started earning an extra inch or two in their waistline. So how do you actually improve your body and diet amid all this?

Well, according to health experts, you should better control what you eat and resist the urge to snack all the time while at home. And if you do, opt for more whole foods and less packaged snacks.

“Fresh fruit or vegie sticks, paired with a healthy dip like hummus or tzatziki, is a really good choice for ramping up fibre intake. Plain dairy products like milk and yoghurt are also good choices because they’re high in hunger-busting protein and bone-strengthening calcium,” dietitian Melissa Meier said.

And if you need any help with motivation, a great deal of fitness organizations are also offering free online fitness classes and apps that can help keep your spirit up and moving.

“We’re doing it free of charge for our clients as we want them to enjoy the experience online,” Ben Lucas, director and co-founder of Flow Athletic, said.

As for how much you should work out, 30-45 minutes a day should be good while also making sure that you get proper sleep at night. Be mindful of intense stress as well and make sure you have time for your hobbies to keep you happy and occupied.

When it comes to food, opt for a more plant-based one, ignore fads and keep drinking to a minimum, if not at all.

Diet and COVID-19 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and health experts said it is important to maintain proper nutrition amid the COVID-19 pandemic and that people should get more foods that help boost the immune system. Pixabay