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How To Love Healthy Foods Even If You Really Hate Them

The New Year's Resolution of "eating healthy" is certainly not an easy one if you have long been the type that is picky with the food you are eating, filtering out the ones that you hate, especially if you are used to the taste of not-so-healthy meals and snacks. If so, then it is time to try learning different approaches as far as healthy food is concerned. Here are some, courtesy of Lifehacker Australia:

Mix Healthy Food With Your Favorites 

Try mixing the food you like with the ones that you want to include in your diet. For instance: 

  1. Try mixing green/leafy vegetables with bacon or other salted meats, especially in the case of kale, a powerful superfood. After all, everything is better with bacon.
  2. Add the healthy food you are eating with moderate amounts of cheese. 
  3. Combine broccoli with mustard since the yellow sauce not only makes the vegetable taste better, but also boosts its nutritional value.
  4. Spread veggies out in a pasta or grain-based dish to make their taste more palatable. Substitute tomato sauce with pesto or any healthy sauce. 
  5. Since healthy foods are typically seen as bland, it is best to try mixing them with your favorite flavors. Buy fresher, better-quality food, then spice them up not just with salt and pepper, but also with peanut butter, olives, garlic and other meal enhancers. 
  6. When making a smoothie, try mixing it with select fruits and veggies for a tasty and healthy beverage for you to sip on.

Try Different Ways Of Preparing Them 

If you do not like certain, usually healthy, food in the past as a result of how it is prepared, then it is good for you to know that there are so many different ways of preparing that food, which you may like at least one or two other than the ones you are used to eating as a child. For example: 

  1. If you do not like steamed/boiled cauliflower or broccoli, try roasting them. They are guaranteed to taste better that way. 
  2. If you don't like canned veggies, try them fresh or frozen. 
  3. Some types of seafood have properties that make them unappealing but there are many others that you can try.
  4. Kale, as chips, have the same taste as those of other, less-nutritious ones.
  5. Try the baby versions of certain veggies, such as those of carrots, if the normal ones taste too intense for you.

Eat More Of Healthy Food You Do Like 

No need to force yourself to learn loving healthy food. Instead, try eating more of the nutritious food that you do like. Healthier eating may just mean increasing the amount of healthy food that you like. When making shepherd's pie, for instance, increase the amount of vegetables while lowering the amount of meat and carbs. To start eating healthier, double the veggies in the recipes you are making, The Kitchn suggested.

Start Small And Slowly 

As with practicing all good habits, it is best to start eating healthy food gradually or at least for a short time. 

Try adding healthy food to your packed lunch, and it will spread into your other everyday meals and snacks. If your mouth starts burning as soon as you get a bite of a spicy dish, try building your spice tolerance in order to get used to the spiciness. Another approach to trying and enjoying more healthy foods is by treating them like samples.

Make A Healthy Meal More Enjoyable 

Up your experience with healthy food in many ways. Try either having a dinner party with your friends, going to a fancy restaurant or cooking with fresh produce so you will become mindful of what you are eating, helping you add natural greens to your palate.

food-salad-healthy-vegetables Vegetable meals can be tasty, too! Photo courtesy of Pexels

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