How To Maintain Your Old Video Game Consoles

Before the next generation of consoles hit stores, here are handy tips to help maintain your older video game systems and keep them for years to come.

Keeping Older Video Game Systems Well-Maintained

After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, Sony and Microsoft are finally launching their new video game consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X, a few months from now. However, in the case with any of the previous generations that came before, this doesn’t mean that your older systems should be thrown away. In fact, both the PS4 and Xbox One still have a lot of juice for them to be called obsolete, which means that with a little maintenance, you’ll still be able to play them for years to come.

But how exactly do you maintain your older video game systems? To help you out, here are some tried-and-tested gamer tips to make sure your older consoles stay with you for years to come:

Dusting and Cleaning

Maintenance, of course, starts with cleaning. And your gaming console's biggest enemy is dust. To do this, simply give your unit a good wipe down, especially in areas where dust have settled. But only use dry dust cloths because electronics and moisture don’t mix. Use compressed air to blow dust out of the fan as well but do it sideways so the dust doesn’t enter the machine further.

Software Upkeep

As long as their developer supports them, make sure that your gaming consoles are up-to-date. This would make sure that they don’t slow down or lag. Here’s a handy trick: When things start slowing down, a quick restoration to factory settings should do the trick.

Cooling and Storage

As for where to keep your older gaming systems, make sure that they’re in a place with plenty of legroom for their fan vents. Make sure they’re not under direct heat and that they’re placed in the proper position as well. Personally, we’d suggest keeping them flat.

Hardware Issues

Sometimes it’s no longer a software issue, but a hardware one. This means you have to crack them open. For newer consoles like the PS4, optical drive and hard drive are common points of failure. Thankfully, consoles like those allow the user to easily switch hard drives. But only open them when it’s absolutely necessary.

800px-Playstation_3_and_controller Video game controllers held five times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Michel Ngilen, CC BY 2.0

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