How Running Once A Week Can Help Avoid An Early Death

Ever wanted to start running and getting in shape but can’t find the proper motivation that will keep you going long after the initial excitement is gone? Then this might just be what you’re looking for. A new study has revealed that running at least once a week lowers your risk of suffering from an early death. Now how’s that for motivation?

Run to Save Your Life, Literally

In fact, it’s not just running once a week since numerous studies all state that any kind of running is beneficial for our health, and is associated with a 27 percent lower risk of suffering from premature death. And per a new meta-analysis published just this Monday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the more running you make, the more you significantly alter that number.

“This is good news for the many adults who find it hard to find time for exercise,” Elaine Murtagh, an exercise physiologist at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, Ireland, who was not involved in the study, said. “Any amount of running is better than none.”

With that in mind, however, the large body of previous work that currently exists means that it’s still unclear whether the duration or intensity of the running mattered. This is because while some researchers view the benefits of running in doses (just like medicine), some argue that running more than 250 minutes a week can easily negate the positive effects it can give.

To understand these conflicting findings, public health researcher Željko Pedišić of Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, and his colleagues then made a meta-analysis of 14 previously published studies, which collectively asked 232,149 participants about their running habits. During the duration of the study (which lasted from 5 and a half to 35 years) a total of 25,951 participants died.

From this, the team was able to come up with the conclusion that those who consistently run for at least once a week has a 27 percent lower chance of dying a premature death. So keep running since any amount of physical activity you can fit in your schedule is better than none.

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