How To Stay Motivated To Clean And Declutter Your House

If the pile of mess in your house even drives you more unmotivated to clean, you might want to try these five simple tricks.

1. Begin with one thing.

For example, you can start picking up toys or trash. After it’s done, move on to another chore.

Another strategy could be choosing a tiny area to clean first like your kitchen counter. After that, go clean adjacent space and then continue to other rooms in the house.

Starting small by doing the tasks one at a time can help you get all those things done without feeling overloaded.

2. Try to start cleaning early.

That way you can have the remainder of the day to perform other tasks.

A lot of people consider mornings as the time of the day when they are most energized to clean. But, that doesn’t mean it works for everyone so find your own time when you have that energy and use it for cleaning.

3. Make a cleaning schedule.

Create a cleaning routine that suits and drives you.

Some people allot one whole day for cleaning while most people prefer to divide their time. Say, set a matter of 25 minutes for tidying things up then take a break for about five to 10 minutes.

This way, you’ll be able to fully focus on what you are tasked to do, and taking a break in between will help up your drive. If this works for you, you can utilize a timer while you’re at it to monitor your breaks and time blocks.

4. Turn up that music or play that podcast.

Tune in to some upbeat music or listen to your favorite podcast. You’d be surprised to know you’re already done cleaning before your playlist or podcast episode ends.

Cleaning while enjoying should get you motivated by now, but if it still doesn't, hopefully the next one will.

5. Try seeing the end of your efforts.

Create a picture in your mind of a tidy, clean space. Imagine how relaxing it would be to sit in a clutter-free home.

Keep in mind the product of your motivation to clean and tidy up your space.

Cleaning The use of eco-friendly cleaning products may be preferred, although more research is needed before an informed recommendation can be made. rawpixel/Unsplash