Human Testing Of Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates To Commence In July

Per the NIH director, at least one safe and effective vaccine for the coronavirus should be available by the end of the year, what with human testing of vaccine candidates happening come July.

COVID-19 Vaccine At The End Of The Year? NIH Director Hopes So

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continue to rise amid the global pandemic we are currently facing, scientists and researchers from all over the world are racing to develop their own vaccine in order to finally stop the virus from its tracks. In fact, as of the moment, there are at least 10 vaccine candidates that are in development, all of which are in the beginning stages of their human clinical trials.

And while some of them will be ready for large-scale testing as early as July, National Institute of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins, who’s also a member of the White House coronavirus task force, said that he hopes at least one of these vaccines in development will be ready by the end of the year.

Per Collins, these trials, which are on their phase three already, would involve around 30,000 volunteers for each one of the vaccine candidates. Half of them would be receiving a placebo.

"That is a phenomenal thing to be able to say, considering these things usually take several years, and considering how recently the virus was identified," Collins said in a recent interview.

“These vaccines are put forward by various companies. They are in different phases of being ready. They have to first go through a phase 1 trial to see whether they, in fact, in a small number of volunteers, do produce a decent level of antibodies — which would tend to predict that they're going to work against this coronavirus. And they have to also show in a small number of volunteers that they're safe. And not all of them have even quite yet gotten to that point,” he said when asked who decides which of the vaccines will move forward.

As for who will be getting the vaccine once one is ready, Collins said that those who have the highest risk will be prioritized and scaling up will be made not long after.

COVID-19 Vaccine Researchers in China found that the Ad5-nCoV vaccine against COVID-19 was safe, well-tolerated and effective to cause an immune response against the disease in the first human trials. Pixabay

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