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Mom Shuts Down Angry Internet Trolls Over Photo Of Daughter ‘Breastfeeding’ Her Doll

Charlotte breastfeeds her baby doll because it needs to be fed, why else? Facebook

It’s 2016, yet people are still afraid to discuss why breastfeeding is a normal, natural thing to do — especially in public. In the most recent controversy, a mother posted a photo of her 2-year-old daughter “breastfeeding” her toy doll at a store, only to receive a wave of backlash against it.

The mother received an array of insults, from being told that her daughter Charlotte’s behavior was “nasty” and that the mother deserved to be “punched in the face.”

In a Facebook post responding to the angry Internet users, the mother, who remained unnamed, notes that “Breastfeeding is something that is natural and IS normal. A baby putting a bottle to its dolls mouth, they are feeding their baby doll, correct? There's no difference. I do not feel the need to correct Charlotte because breastfeeding is wrong [.] She said her baby wanted to eat, so she fed her."

Breastfeeding, in addition to being a natural part of childbirth, has been scientifically proven to have significant health benefits for both mother and child. It has been shown to protect babies from developing fatty liver disease, sudden infant death, and lower the risk of childhood leukemia. It’s also been proven to help boost a baby’s heart health and galvanize their immune systems, as well as reduce a mother’s risk of breast cancer and other health problems. And the list goes on.

The photo brings several discussions to the forefront: Firstly, that it’s important to normalize breastfeeding, and secondly, that boys can contribute, too. The photo of Charlotte breastfeeding her doll spurred other parents to post photos of their children — and many offered up photos of their sons' breastfeeding toys, including stuffed animals. Kids imitate real life, and when a baby is hungry, it must be fed.