Invigorating The Immune System: Key To Preventing Lung Cancer?

With today’s technological and scientific advancements, there’s no shortage of new discoveries and solutions to problems that are previously thought to be unfixable, and the latter parts of April is no stranger to that.

That’s because just recently, a group of scientists have managed to identify some biological changes in the airway tissue that potentially that could tell if lung cancer is apparent long before its actual development.

The team, which are all from the Boston University School of Medicine, made the study, which showed how the early changes can alter gene and cell activity in our body’s immune system. The researchers did this by following a number of individuals who used to smoke for a few years. The team then examined samples of precancerous lesionsin these individuals and studied which of these lesions became cancerous.

The team was able to identify what they describe as “four molecular subtypes” or precancerous lesions, per the study they published in Nature Communications.

According to Professor Avrum E. Spira, who is the study’s senior study author, these findings are significant, especially in the present era where lung cancer is becoming much more common due to the number of smokers. The professor said that what they found can be used to create ways to screen and monitor people who have a high risk of developing lung cancer due to smoking and can even be used to one day make a cure for lung cancer, or stop it from developing in the first place.

And there’s a clear need for the studies as well since according to the World Health Organization, lung cancer is still the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. As a matter of fact, per the organization, the disease managed to cause more than 1.76 million deaths back in 2018.

Furthermore, according to the American Cancer Society, in the United States, the disease accounts for more than 13 percent of new cancers, where it manages to kill more men and women than colon, breast, and prostate cancers combined together.

One of the primary reasons as to why lung cancer is so dangerous is because when its symptoms finally show up, the cancer has already spread in the body.