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Jennifer Garner’s Beauty Secrets For Youthful, Glowing Skin

There is something bright, glowing and timeless about Jennifer Garner’s look. Whether she is donning a Louis Vuitton gown on a red carpet, acting it out in her new movie or posting a photo on her Instagram account, Garner is always vibrant and youthful.

With the number of years she’s been under the limelight and being in the public eye, people can testify to the fact that it’s not about the makeup or even the camera tricks that are at work here. Instead, it is the timeless skincare routines of celebrities that never falter.

When asked what her best-kept secret is, Garner answered that washing her face every night, no matter how busy her schedule gets, is the key to achieving youthful skin. Garner also said that she would not wear makeup daily unless there’s a reason to do so. In addition, if she wears eye makeup on a particular day, she’ll never fail to remove it once the day is done. For Garner, sleeping with makeup on is a skincare crime.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Garner also shared how particular she is when it comes to her facial complexion. According to Ben Affleck’s ex, the paleness of an individual’s skin can be associated with their face’s texture. As for her holy grail products, she uses “Neutrogena’s Hydroboost” since this gives her skin an almost dewy, plump and bouncy effect.

She added and emphasized the use of sunscreen which can go well with makeup. It gives a better impression on her face. For her choice of sun protection products, the “Ultra Sheer 100 SPF” is on top of her list.

Moreover, Garner admitted to having trouble with certain products that do not contain retinol. Retinol is known for its superior anti-aging properties. For someone like Garner who has sensitive skin, only the “Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair” made the final list.

For those who have sensitive skin like Garner, dermatologist Howard Sobel shared some advice on how to look for the best anti-aging product that’ll suit a particular skin type. Sobel said that if you are trying out several products in the market, always look for retinol in the product’s list of ingredients. Nevertheless, be sure that the product has at least one percent concentration of retinol.

When retinol is combined with essential oils, you are getting a skincare product that is sure to be gentle for any skin type.