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Juul Delivers More Nicotine Than Cigarettes, Other Vape Products

JUUL e-cigarettes have been found producing more nicotine than traditional cigarettes or earlier versions of vaping products. Researchers said the high levels of nicotine from the device could harm blood vessel function as strong as tobacco. 

The new study, published in the journal Tobacco Regulatory Science, shows that JUUL sends five to eight times higher to the blood of users compared to tobacco products. Manufacturers first introduced e-cigarettes as less harmful alternatives for smoking. 

Researchers looked into the effects of JUUL on rats. Each animal was exposed to either JUUL, an e-cigarette with freebase nicotine liquid, cigarettes or clean air. 

The team then collected blood samples and checked the rats’ blood vessels 20 minutes after exposure. Results showed that the JUUL group had blood nicotine concentrations of 136.4 ng/ml, which was eight times higher than e-cigs group with 17.1 ng/ml and 5.2 times higher than cigarettes with 26.1 ng/ml.

Despite promising to have less harmful effects than traditional cigarettes, JUUL caused greater blood vessel impairment than other nicotine sources used in the study.

"The comparison of cardiovascular health effects of JUUL use with those of previous generation e-cigs and of combusted cigarettes is an important issue for policymakers, including the FDA and comparable bodies outside the United States," Matthew Springer, senior study author and a professor at the University Of California-San Francisco, said in a statement.

"Our findings show that the adverse effect of cigarettes on vascular endothelial function, which has been a known consequence of cigarette smoking since the 1990s, is not prevented by using JUUL."

JUUL devices have been linked to the growing number of young people using e-cigarettes that contain nicotine since 2016. A separate research showed that in 27.5 percent of high school students and 10.5 percent of eighth graders that use e-cigs, more than half of both groups prefer JUUL for smoking. 

“However, adolescent non-smokers who are not familiar with the effects of nicotine may be more likely to chase higher levels of the drug's effects,” Springer added. “The ease of over-consuming nicotine with JUUL makes this likely, especially in light of reports of teenagers binging on JUUL to the point of rapid addiction and behavioral consequences.”

Juul vaping A new study shows that JUUL delivers more nicotine to the blood of users compared to tobacco and earlier versions of vaping products. Pixabay

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