Kalamazoo County Resident Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Showing Up At Weekend Event

The world is far from being cleared of the COVID-19 pandemic even if there are regions that are slowly trying to return to normal. Such has led to people now going out, attending events with health protocols in place. But as most have seen the past days, the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise.

There have been cases of people testing positive for COVID-19, the latest of which is from Kalamazoo County in Michigan. According to a report from Fox 17, health officials revealed that a resident who attended an event in Oceana County tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Sherwood Forest Appreciation Weekend was held at Double JJ Resort at the end of June and now officials are issuing a warning to others who might have been in attendance. There were no numbers given on how many attended. However, the fact that there were crowding and lack of social distancing made it a serious concern. The event took place from June 25 to June 28.

"We continue to see increased cases of COVID-19 in the community making it more important than ever for everyone to follow the prevention measures that have been promoted: wearing masks or face coverings, social distancing, and following proper hygiene," DHD#10 Health Officer Kevin Hughes said.

With this development, local health authorities are urging people who might have attended the event to stay away from people they are in close contact with for at least 14 days. Affected individuals should also monitor themselves for symptoms like fever or chills, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle aches, sore throat,  nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and/or possible loss of taste and smell, WWMT reported.

COVID-19 contact tracing Contact tracing amid the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to help countries and communities monitor the spread of the disease and prevent new outbreaks. Pixabay

It should be noted that there could be individuals who might be asymptomatic and not show some of the symptoms. Regardless, they remain carriers of the strain and are urged to responsibly take the necessary measures to prevent the virus from spreading.

Looking at the COVID-19 count over in Kalamazoo as of this writing, there have been 1,083 confirmed cases and 67 deaths. The 138 are hospitalized and there are 851 people who recovered from the coronavirus, per the Kalamazoo County Government coronavirus case tracker.

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