Karuna: A New Animal Rescue Community In Town

So far, 2020 has been kind to animals and beneficial to the animal welfare society in general. For example, last month, the U.S. administration made animal cruelty and abuse a crime punishable by federal law, while New York City passed a new law that prohibits makeup and cosmetic brands to use animals for trials and testing. And to add to the good news, a new animal rescue organization has just arrived in town.

“A Community Thing”

Named after the Sanskrit word for ‘‘compassion,’’ Karuna is an animal rescue organization located on Bald Hills Road not far from Orick. Started by Paula Ray (who has lived in Humboldt County for about 17 years), the place is a large rescue and sanctuary especially made for our furry friends, all of which need help more than ever.

As of the moment, Karuna has already taken in eight horses, one yak and a llama, with another horse and more llamas coming in at no time. With help from Judith Wilson, who owns the expansive property where Karuna is located, the entire shelter is being run by Ray.

“It’s 192 acres … surrounded by parkland and is absolutely beautiful. She offered me the space for the rescue. I worked … in Princeton, New Jersey with horses for seven years and loved it. Then, I had my horses until my last horse died about nine years ago. Always in my mind, it’s been I’ll go back to that one way or another,” said Ray, who came from England and came up with the idea of helping animals in need a few years ago.

“I’m vegan, a pretty strict vegan, and it’s really hard to go out to eat with my friends. My original idea was if I could find a small space and start a little vegan café and with the funds from the vegan café going to the other local animal rescues. I’ve been watching things on the news, in the paper, about the way animals are treated in some circumstances locally and it was really playing heavily on my mind. Maybe I could be a fundraiser,” she said.

However, she then decided to make an animal sanctuary instead of a vegan café.

But the place isn’t just for animals since Ray hopes Karuna will be a community gathering place in the future, where visitors can hold picnics, camping and help the animals themselves.

“We really want it to be a community thing,” Ray added.

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