Kate Middleton, Brad Pitt And Other Celebs Who Battled Eczema

Many people adore celebrities thinking they are living the best lives and always in perfect condition. But unbeknownst to many, they, too, suffer from certain conditions, including the embarrassing ones like eczema.

Eczema is an umbrella term for conditions marked by the cracking of skin. At times certain patches of the integument get inflamed, turn red and become itchy and rough. As a result, blisters could then form. There are many types of eczema, so it’s not surprising how common this condition is. In fact, more than 30 million Americans have some form of this skin condition, as per the National Eczema Association.

Having said all these, celebrities are not spared from having the condition. And you might even be surprised when the famous personalities you adore have actually battled eczema at one point or another. Besides, 1 in 10 individuals are bound to develop some form of eczema in their lifetime. So check out the list of celebs who endured the common dry skin condition.

Kate Middleton

Prince William’s wife has been praised by many people because of her good looks and her ability to readily get rid of baby weight after delivering her kids. Interestingly, the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t as perfect as most royal fans thought because even the future queen has dealt with eczema.

One of Middleton’s pals, Jessica Hay, has disclosed to CelebsNow that the famous royal was actually bullied in the past because of her skin condition. While attending Downe House girls’ boarding schools, some girls made fun of her because she had eczema.

Brad Pitt

One of Hollywood’s A-list actors, Brad Pitt, has also experienced what it was like to deal with the annoying skin condition. He suffered from eczema while he was filming “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” alongside Cate Blanchett. Pitt’s condition was mainly caused by the heavy makeup he had to wear for his role in the movie.

“We went through three weeks of makeup tests and he was covered in eczema from it all,” Blanchett said of her co-star’s condition in an interview. According to Blanchett, she even loaned her skin cream to Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband because he was heavily battling with dermatitis at the time.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

The esteemed and multi-awarded actress also dealt with eczema. In her case, she experienced the symptoms of the condition ever since she was a kid. As a long time sufferer of the skin disease, Zeta-Jones had to moisturize her skin a lot to regulate its symptoms.

“I had eczema as a kid, and my mother would use the [Elizabeth Arden] Eight Hour Cream on my flaky skin. I still slather it on my lips, elbows, toes – pretty much everywhere,” she said when she opened up about her  condition back in 2010, according to Healthista.


World-renowned singer Adele is also one of the celebs who suffered from contact dermatitis. In her case, she had it when she entered motherhood. At a 2013 press conference after winning Best Original Song for “Skyfall” at the Golden Globes, she admitted that she was dealing with “eczema from boiling bottles.”

Kerry Washington

The lead actress of the hit series “Scandal” is the final celeb on this list. Washington may have been battling eczema for years that she’s already learned how to keep the condition in check using products that help relieve the symptoms.

“Daily fish oil supplements, because omega fatty acids work. And I’d never, ever skip moisturizer — no way — it’s too critical,” she said in an interview with Glamour before adding that she’s obsessed with Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream.

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